Upcoming Santa Sightings

November 20, 2015 (5-9 p.m.)

Starlight Symphony Opening Night 

Kick-off evening includes Santa’s arrival in Fort Worth and the lighting of West 7th, along with Victorian carolers and character entertainment. (Click on their link for more information.)

December 1, 2015 (7-8 p.m.)

PUBlic Knowledge “The Evolution Of Santa Claus” @ The Live Oak (1311 Lipscomb St., Fort Worth, Tx 76104)

What do a Norse God, a Christian Saint, and an American Ad Man have in common? Santa Claus! Start your holiday season off smart by joining us at The Live Oak where Matt Thurston, a professional Santa Claus with a degree in Santa Clausology, will delve deep into the fascinating origins of this beloved holiday figure. Please note that, as always, this event is adults only and some historical topics will edge on the dark side.